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21-Terilyn-Headshots-30.Aug.2020-2004Brief Bio
My name is Terilyn Pott. I am a registered psychologist within the province of Alberta (4073) since 2013 and have a PhD in Counselling Psychology. I have a open and flexible approach to therapy and believe that one size does not fit all. My goal is to figure out what works best for you, to help you achieve what you want in life. I view counselling as a collaborative process where we discuss your goals, wishes, hopes and needs to help you find ways to obtain these.

I have spent a lot of my training exploring different forms of therapy. I have studied and trained under a number of world-renowned clinicians including; Dr. Michael Yapko, renowned for his work in the area of depression, and strategic applications of clinical hypnosis and Dr. Scott Miller in the area of feedback informed therapy. I also have training in incorporating art and creative practices into therapy.

Main Approaches:

Though each session is unique and focused on what you need and how you would like to progress, I do frame my therapy within evidence based approaches and use an integrated approach. I use a combination of different theories, through primarily use Acceptance and Commitment Therapy and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy. I am also trained in the use of clinical hypnosis to treat many concerns and can include this in our work together if desired. See below for a brief description of each.

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy
ACT focus is on teaching you to accept what is in your control and to let go of the things that are not. Its aim is to maximize your potential for a meaningful life. Key components of ACT include incorporating mindfulness, present moment awareness, and incorporation of values into your daily life.

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT)
CBT is a therapy that focuses specifically on getting to know how your thoughts influence your feelings and behaviours. It focuses in on those critical negative messages we say to ourselves, and the negative beliefs we have, and provides ways to alter these messages. It also provides a framework to connect emotions, thoughts and behaviours together.

Hypnotherapy (by request)

I am trained in the strategic use of hypnosis to help with specific concerns, such as depression, phobias and anxiety. Hypnosis focuses on getting you in a relaxed state in order to help discuss your present concerns more flexibly, and can help you see your struggles in a new and different way.


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